Royal Orchid Lounges

Where Premier Accommodations Meet Elegance, Style and Grace


The Royal Orchid Lounges at the Suvarnabhumi Airport have been named according to THAI’s corporate concept, which has derived from its own corporate identity, its slogan, location, and its service.

  • A reflection of Thai’s image – charming, elegant and gentle
  • Smooth as silk, as per its slogan
  • Its location – Suvarnabhumi
  • Excellent service provided to its passengers that comes with speed, comfort and courtesy.

Thus, the lounges are named after valuable silks from prominent royal households among Suvarnabhumi countries. Gold and silver threads that are neatly weaved together are symbolic of the valuable “beauty and elegance” in THAI’s services.

Apart from the Royal Orchid Premium Area on Level 4 of the main terminal, Royal Orchid Lounge service is available at 8 locations.


Royal First Lounge at Concourse D, Level 3: 1,400 sq.m. has been allocated for Royal First passengers with the capacity to accommodate 139 passengers at one time. Facilities include:

  • Private Corners
  • Business Center (wi-fi internet)
  • Toilets & Mother Care
  • A la Carte Dining Room
  • Slumber Rooms


Royal Silk Lounge at Concourse D, Level 3: 2,410 sq.m. has full garden view and has been assigned for Royal Silk passengers with a seating capacity of 317 passengers. Provided are the following:

  • Lounge Lobby Bar
  • Semi-Private Room
  • Business Center (wi-fi Internet)
  • Family Room & Kids Corner
  • Buffet Bar

Two (2) Royal Silk Lounges at Concourse C, Level 3: These lounges have the same facilities as Royal Silk Lounge at Concourse D with the addition of shower rooms, each having a seating capacity of 137. These 2 lounges have been specifically designed for Royal Silk passengers to relax and refresh themselves prior to catching a flight with the shower rooms available.

Two (2) Royal Silk Lounges at Concourse E, Level 3: These lounges have separate areas for THAI’S first and business class passengers with the addition of shower rooms. Thai Airways is committed to the utmost satisfaction in customer service; therefore, services and facilities have been implemented to ensure all passengers are well accommodated for.

Royal Silk Lounge at Concourse A, Level 2: THAI’S facilities include VIP rooms, a Business Center, and a Food & Beverage Corner. The lounge covers an area of 657 sq.m. with a seating capacity of 138 to accommodate domestic Royal Silk passengers.

Royal Orchid Spa

Our Royal Orchid Spa at concourse D, Level 3 primarily caters to Royal First passengers, and offers a full range of services that include a foot massage and a traditional Thai massage (only neck and shoulder). The lounge’s main highlights are its 3 Spa Suites with a jacuzzi and tropical rainfall, where passengers can relax in a tranquil atmosphere.