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Special Meal Services - Comfort Food Made to Order

At THAI, we equate excellent service with serving the most excellent food. The quality of the meals we serve is one of the ways we extend our world-renowned hospitality. However, many travelers have religious, health, or dietary restraints. To cater to your particular needs, THAI offers a full range of special menus. Please be sure to order these meals at the same time your THAI flight reservations are made to ensure all your requests will be honored.


Special meals for religious and vegetarian requirements:

Jewish Kosher meal: Prepared in a segregated kitchen, according to strict Jewish dietary laws.
Muslim Halal meal: Prepared in a segregated kitchen under strict supervision.  Contains no pork, ham, bacon, or alcohol in any form. All meat and poultry have been slaughtered and cooked according to Halal laws.
Hindu non-vegetarian: Contains no beef, veal, or pork. May include lamb, domestic fowl, or any other meat, fish, or milk products allowed in authentic Indian cooking.
No beef meal: Contains no beef, veal, or products related to beef or veal
Western vegetarian or Ovo-lacto: For those who are able to eat dairy products and eggs, but not meat, or meat products. Wherever possible, our cheese is made with rennet.
Strict Western Vegetarian, or Vegan: A purely vegetarian meal, without meat, or meat products, fish, fowl, products with lard or gelatin, dairy produce, eggs or honey
Oriental Vegetarian: These vegetarian meals are cooked Chinese style, but without meat, fish, game, dairy produce, or root vegetables like garlic, onion, spring onion, ginger etc.
Strict Indian Vegetarian: Contains no meat, fish, eggs, dairy produce, game, seafood, or root vegetables including potato.

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Special meals for health and diet preference:

Diabetic diet: High complex carbohydrate, high dietary fiber, low fat, and no added sugar. Energy: 2000 calories.
Fat-Modified diet (Low cholesterol): Low total fat, high proportion of polyunsaturated fat, high dietary fiber, and low cholesterol. Energy: 2000 – 2400 calories.
Low-Fat diet: Low fat, high carbohydrate, moderate protein.
Energy: 2000 calories.
Low-Sodium die: Low sodium. Energy: 2000 – 2400 calories.
Low-Energy diet: High nutritional value, high dietary fiber.
 Energy: 1200 calories.
Gluten-Free diet: Containing a variety of foods free of gluten.
High-Fiber diet: We use only wholegrain, or wholemeal cereal products for bread, rice, pasta, cereal, cake flour, muffins, etc. This diet includes vegetables and fruit, mainly raw and unpeeled where appropriate. Fresh, canned or dried fruit is preferred to fruit juice. We use dried beans (e.g. baked beans, kidney beans, haricot beans), lentils, dried peas, unprocessed bran and nuts as ingredients in dishes. We avoid using high-fat foods and ingredients.
Low Protein diet: Low protein, no added sodium (salt), moderately high fat and sugar content for energy.